Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Profiles and the passage of time

The thing about my profile picture I realised with a shock the other day is how quickly it ages. I put it there because it's one of the few respectable photos I have taken of me in black and white, taken for my husband's fiftieth birthday.
I notice it from time to time and wonder, have I changed much?
Clearly I have but it's subtle.
I've aged.
Tonight I realised the subtlety - all ten years of it.
Tanya Sutton, a good friend and previous nanny to our children, took this photo, the last one in a series.
It was in the days before digital. She'd been photographing all four of our daughters for a photo collage for Bill's fiftieth birthday and used the last shot on me. That was ten years ago.
Maybe it's time to put up a new self representation, but I've yet to find one.
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