Sunday, September 20, 2009


Everything is breaking down in our household. It seems to happen every ten years or so. All the white goods, not all perhaps but a number of them, decide to die simultaneously and we are left with the expensive and time consuming task of either getting them repaired if at all possible, or replacing them. Having said they have died, it’s not possible to resurrect a dishwasher that has an element which has turned into a raised crescent moon shape making it impossible for the bottom foot that spins through the dishwasher to function. The fridge door has sunk so low it now exposes part of the fridge’s insides. I know both these machines are now energy inefficient so not only do we have to contend with the hassle of the broken down machine we also have to feel bad for wasting energy.

Yesterday morning my shower went cold because the pilot light on the hot water service had gone off. That was easily rectified, even I could fix that, but finally the switch on the central heating unit refused to click, so the unit no longer operates.

It could be worse. It’s not so cold these days. We can manage without central heating. A couple of months ago it would have felt a disaster but spring is here now. The blossoms are erupting and t-shirts have taken the place of coats.

Let's hope there are no more breakdowns for a while at least.
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